Time to move on

Dear all, it has been a while.
We last dispatched our products to the customer in the spring of 2020. More than two and a half years have passed since then, but the Covid-19 has not yet ended. However, we, the humankind, have struggled and learned how to live with Covid and have finally started to walk forward.

So we are starting again.
Omotenashi Japan will shop for your products in Japan on your behalf, on demand.
We may not be able to accept foods with short expiry dates as the delivery systems in each country are still unstable. There are also restrictions on delivery methods, and it pains us that we have to charge our customers higher delivery fees. Neverthless, we would like to be of service to you who wish to buy Japanese products because of the weak yen, so please let us know your requirements. Of course, quotations are free of charge.

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