Super Repair Man in Narita Airport

Various unforeseen accidents can occur during a trip. Especially at the airport, you tend to be in a hurry because of the heavy luggage you are carrying.

– I’ve just arrived in Japan and a wheel on my suitcase have broken!
– I’ve lost my suitcase keys!
– The soles of my favourite shoes have come off! etc.

In such cases, please visit the repair shop in the airport to solve the problem as soon as possible and continue your enjoyable journey. Riat!, located in the basement of Narita Airport Terminal 1, has skilled and reliable repairmen who are well-known for their TV interviews, so if you have any problems, please consult them.

The prices are a little high, but the best thing is that your problem will be solved as soon as possible, so it is a good idea to consider this as one of your souvenirs.

Narita International Airport Teminal 1 Underground concourse BC101
TEL 0476-32-6099
Opening hours  8:00~18:00
Open all year round
Services: Shoe repair, Duplication of keys, suitcase unlocking, replacement of suitcase wheels
* For more information on supported services, please contact the shop directly.

Riat! also has shops at Narita Terminal 2 and Haneda Airport, but super repairman is stationed at Narita Terminal 1.