Haruma Miura, R.I.P. our idol

Haruma Miura

Haruma Miura was a Japanese actor, singer, dancer and musical star. He just turned 30 this April but he decided to depart our world by himself on 18 July. At this moment, no other information other than he committed suicide and he is no longer with us is available for us. Apparently, he left a note in his diary implying his desire to die but we do not know when exactly he left that note. His manager visited and found him dead in his apartment as most unlikely Haruma did not show up for the drama shooting without a notice.

This most unbelievable news traveled fast throughout Japan on Saturday afternoon. Haruma was well known and liked by all generations. Everybody knows him as an Ikemen (in Japanese slang for good looking men) actor and we all looked at him enviously as he seemed to have everything we want to possess. We have all blindly believed he was also feeling how lucky he was with endless job offers, talent, fame, a lot of fans and celebrity friends, beautiful outlook and personality, etc. But he proved we were wrong.

In fact, he was not just a pretty face but also he could act, sing and dance extremely well. In a true sense, he really was one of the most promising young actors in Japan. He was even aiming for global entertainment opportunities such as China and the US/Europe by quickly learning Chinese and English.

I personally was a big fan of Haruma. I loved his smile more than anything. Every time at the end of his theatre performance, he gave us such an honest big smile with his hands waving so hard at us on the stage and even jumped to get closer to the fans in circle seats. He loved and cared his fans. He was such an outstanding person on and off the stage.

I participated his fan event when he turned 20 ten years ago. He gave us an artificial rose with a card saying “When you feel down or suffer, I hope you to look at his flower to make you feel a little easier… Thank you for coming today. – Haruma Miura”. He always had a warm heart for others like this.

I miss him so much. I still cannot believe he had to choose this way. I wonder if his pains are gone with him now…

Rest in peace.

message from Haruma


Haruma published a book called “NIHONSEI”, which means “Made in Japan” introducing one Made-in-Japan item each per Japanese 47 regions. He wanted to comprehend and appreciate Japan and Japanese craftsmanship better before he accomplishes his goal to advance to international stages.

Click to the official site (Japanese only)

made in japan

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