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Resumption of Shipping for Registered Small Packet

We have just added a new shipping option for registered small packet. This method was previously known as “e-packet” until 2020 and had been temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. However, as of 2023, Japan Post has resumed handling this delivery method. We are pleased to announce that the available delivery areas are now equivalent to EMS, and we are reintroducing affordable shipping options for small packages. When checking out, please select either EMS or registered small packet for your order. If your ordered items weigh 2kg or less and you have some flexibility in the delivery timeframe, please consider selecting this shipping method. However, please be aware that the […]

Our recommended summer festivals in Tokyo 2023

Summer in Japan is synonymous with festivals and Bon odori dances. From local community gatherings to grand festivals at shrines and temples, there are events held almost every day. In the summer of 2023, the festivals that refrained from being held due to COVID-19 are making a comeback! We would like to introduce some recommended festivals and Bon odori events in Tokyo, so please consider participating. Tsukiji Honganji Bon Odori Tsukiji, a popular spot for foreign tourists, continues to thrive even after the fish market moved to Toyosu. At the iconic Tsukiji Honganji Temple, a four-day Bon odori dance event will be held. Let’s dance in front of the fantastical […]

Recommended Tourist Spot in Kyoto – Episode 1: Blood Ceiling

In the spring of 2023, Japan saw a resurgence of foreign tourists along with domestic travelers, resulting in bustling crowds at famous tourist destinations. Undoubtedly, Kyoto remains at the top of the list in terms of popularity. While places like Kiyomizu-dera and Heian-jIngu shrine are undoubtedly wonderful and must-visit locations, in this blog series, I would like to personally recommend hidden gems in Kyoto. First and foremost, I would like to introduce “Blood Ceiling”. Blood Ceiling refers to ceilings where boards stained with blood are embedded. There are many temples in Kyoto where blood ceilings can be found. These ceilings vividly preserve the handprints and footprints of fallen samurai warriors […]

The most powerful spiritual site in Tokyo

If you come to Tokyo for sightseeing, Asakusa is not the only Buddhisit temple you should definitely stop by. Be sure to visit Fukagawa Fudoson, a little further east than Asakusa. We affectionately call it ‘Ofudo-san’, but its official name is Naritasan Tokyo Betsuin Fukagawa Fudo-do. It is a Tokyo branch, so to speak, of Naritasan, an ancient temple near Narita Int’l Airport that is well known to overseas travellers. The temple offers daily Goma, fire ritual at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm, which we would like you to experience. Goma is derived from the Sanskrit word “homa”, meaning holy flame, and is one of the tools used by […]

Jagarico and Black Thunder

The World Baseball Classic, a world baseball tournament, is currently (15 March 2023) being held, with games being played in Tokyo and the US. Japan’s national team, known as Samurai Japan, is through to the quarter-finals with an unbeaten record. Following the TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games held two summers ago, many reporters from overseas have visited Japan, and although the sports media reporters seem to be enjoying Tokyo for the first time since the Olympics, they are busy and don’t have time for sightseeing. So what keeps them entertained? Japanese snacks. Potato snacks “Jagarico” and chocolate bar “Black Thunder” are particularly popular. Both are inexpensive and easy to find, and […]

Mikkabi Mikan tangerines

If you have visited Japan during the winter season, one of the fruits you will have eaten is the tangerines. Japanese tangerines are very different from those in other countries, both in shape and taste. Outside Japan, they are sold in supermarkets under the trade name “Satsuma”, but they are smaller than the tangerines you eat in Japan. Japanese tangerines are smaller than Valencia and California oranges, but larger than Satsumas, and are slightly flattened rather than spherical in shape. The skin is soft and can be easily peeled without a knife, and the juice does not overflow when peeled. Each cluster of fruit is independent and is eaten by […]

Goryo-shinko , a folk religious belief of avenging spirits

Religion in Japan has been diverse since ancient times. Although national strategy has forced many changes in the direction of belief, today the majority of the population are atheists rooted in Buddhism. Nevertheless, we live our daily lives without being aware of it, feeling the soul and power in everything we see, not only in the gods and Buddha, but also in nature and everyday tools. In this country, both good and bad things have a soul, and if we worship them carefully and treat them with sincerity, they will guide and help us. The most characteristic of such a wide range of beliefs in Japan is the belief in […]

My latest favourite shortcut skincare

Would you like to make your daily skincare routine easier and more effective? Since using Canadel, which a friend gave me for my birthday two years ago, I have had no complaints or worries about the time, cost and, most importantly, effectiveness of my skincare routine. The gift I received was the basic product in the Canadel range, “Premier Lift”, which comes in a pink container, but after I finished using it, I used all the other products in the range in trial sizes. As a result, I ended up using “Premier Barrier Fix” in the green container, which matched my sensitive skin. Canadel is an all-in-one gel, which has […]

Love Johnny’s Idol?

If you are a fan of Japanese idols living abroad and want to buy idol magazines published in Japan, we can help. As well as monthly magazines full of Japanese idols such as King & Prince, SixTones, Snow Man and Naniwa Danshi, we can also buy the latest and back issues for you, including fashion magazines featuring individual members and film magazines featuring the movies they star in. Note: For back issues, popular issues may be sold out. We can also purchase “Programme (Film Booklet)” on your behalf, which are unique Japanese publications available only in cinemas. Note: Only available for films currently on release. We can now read magazines […]

Taichi Saotome, unparalleled Japanese performer

Who are the Japanese entertainers you know? Some Asian people may be able to answer immediately, while others may have no idea at all. There are many excellent entertainers in Japan, but only a few are active in the world. One of them I would like to introduce to the world is Taichi Saotome. His father was the head of an itinerant entertainer’s troupe that travelled all over Japan, and his mother was also a member of that troupe. He is now 31 years old, but his first stage appearance was at the age of only four. Since catching the eye of world-renowned film director and comedian Takeshi Kitano, he […]