My latest favourite shortcut skincare

Would you like to make your daily skincare routine easier and more effective?

Since using Canadel, which a friend gave me for my birthday two years ago, I have had no complaints or worries about the time, cost and, most importantly, effectiveness of my skincare routine.

The gift I received was the basic product in the Canadel range, “Premier Lift”, which comes in a pink container, but after I finished using it, I used all the other products in the range in trial sizes. As a result, I ended up using “Premier Barrier Fix” in the green container, which matched my sensitive skin. Canadel is an all-in-one gel, which has helped me to cut down on treatment time by far. Skin care requires a combination of different products, from lotions to emulsions, serums and creams, which makes it hard to spend money and choose the right products. That said, the all-in-one products I have tried so far have been somewhat lacking and have not felt good enough.

I have always had a skin type that doesn’t feel wrinkled or dry and tends to get oily when I use moisturising creams, so I try to choose skincare products that have a fresh feel. I also look for anti-ageing effects, but I don’t like anti-ageing products because they are too rich in texture, so I prefer products with a whitening effect.

Canadel fitted this perfectly.
However, no matter how well Canadel matches me, I cannot use a bottle in 30 days. For me, one every two months is just right. So if your skin tends to be dry, I recommend treating it with a capacity that you can use up in 30 days. Except for the whitening type, the products are gel-like, so if you apply them in layers, etc., you may feel a little sticky on the surface of your face, but I think they will gradually penetrate the skin.

We have a total of five different Canadel products in our store.
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