Jagarico and Black Thunder

The World Baseball Classic, a world baseball tournament, is currently (15 March 2023) being held, with games being played in Tokyo and the US. Japan’s national team, known as Samurai Japan, is through to the quarter-finals with an unbeaten record.

Following the TOKYO 2020 Olympic Games held two summers ago, many reporters from overseas have visited Japan, and although the sports media reporters seem to be enjoying Tokyo for the first time since the Olympics, they are busy and don’t have time for sightseeing. So what keeps them entertained? Japanese snacks.

Potato snacks “Jagarico” and chocolate bar “Black Thunder” are particularly popular. Both are inexpensive and easy to find, and in addition to the standard flavours, the limited edition flavours that change seasonally are also popular. If you have ever been to Japan, you have probably had one of these snacks at least once.

Foreign journalists seem more than happy to be reunited with these snacks. That’s why we are selling the Jagarico & Black Thunder Special Package in our shops for a limited time only. Please note that the limited edition flavours will only be available in supermarkets and convenience stores after we receive your orders, so you will not be able to specify in advance which flavours you would like to buy, as they will be the ones on sale in the shops at the time of purchase. We hope you enjoy this as a surprise.

Jagarico and Black Thunder Special Package

1. 3 regular size Jagarico (cheese, salad and limited edition flavour)
2. 3 L-size Jagarico (cheese, salad and limited edition flavour)
3. 1 Black Thunder Family Pack 173g
4. 1 Black Thunder Family Pack, limited edition flavour approx.140g
*Limited flavours cannot be specified.
*The family pack contains approximately 10-14 mini-sized Black Thunder

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