Love Johnny’s Idol?

If you are a fan of Japanese idols living abroad and want to buy idol magazines published in Japan, we can help.

As well as monthly magazines full of Japanese idols such as King & Prince, SixTones, Snow Man and Naniwa Danshi, we can also buy the latest and back issues for you, including fashion magazines featuring individual members and film magazines featuring the movies they star in.
Note: For back issues, popular issues may be sold out.

We can also purchase “Programme (Film Booklet)” on your behalf, which are unique Japanese publications available only in cinemas.
Note: Only available for films currently on release.

We can now read magazines from all over the world on e-readers such as the Kindle, but it is also the psychology of fans who want to pick up the magazine itself, flip through the pages and look at it, and keep it on their bookshelves as their own collection.

Unfortunately, the global postal situation is not yet stable, so we cannot use inexpensive printed matter airmail, so we have to choose EMS, which is more expensive (but safe!). Magazines are very heavy and therefore more expensive, but please contact us if you wish to use this service.