Tokyo, Summer Night City


We have lots of fireworks festivals and Bon Dance Festivals at the end of each week all over Japan.

Both fireworks and Bon Dance have been held for the peace of the world and holding a service for departed souls including our ancestors.

Thousands of people gather to see famous fireworks festivals such as Sumida River Fireworks Fes., Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Fes. and Jingu Fireworks Fes. in Tokyo. Very Luckily, we can see them at home without crowds.

Also we have a huge Bon Dance Festival at the park near our place in late August. People repeat dancing with same action over and over regardless of age and sex.

We enjoy visiting the stalls which sells cotton candies, shaved ices, Yakisoba (Fried Noodles with brown sauce) or Takoyaki and goldfish scooping.

If you could visit Japan in Summer, try to join local Bon Dance wearing Yukata.


Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2015

Bon Dance