Bath Time in Summer


It’s getting hot and humid in Japan.

The average temperature here in summer is around 30 – 35C!!

We have to save using the electric power through the year since unexpectedly accident happened at nuclear plants in Fukushima 4 years ago when the great earthquake hit in Japan.

We sometimes are patient at home without airconditioner and get sweat a lot if we just move around the room for cleaning. Can you imagine that??

So that, I often have a shower twice a day. At shower time, I use charcoal and clay soap bar and body scrub towel made of Washi, Japanese paper. 

Charcoals are known to have very strong adsorption and far infrared effects. Natural clays keep to moisturise your face like a veil.

Washi body towel is totally amazing when you can use with charcoal soap bar!! Its texture makes us SAPPARI (“fresh and clean” in Japanese) with sufficient forms. And it’s getting dry soon!

Why not try them this summer?



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