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Ringer hut

Ringer Hut is a kind of fast food restaurants you can find almost any shopping areas in Japan. They serve Chanpon raman and Sara-Udon, deep fried thin raman with toppings. Both are the most famous and popular local dishes in Nagasaki.

Ramen from Nagasaki is called “Chanpon” which means “mix variety of things”. The noodles for Chanpon are quite thick, the soup has unique creamy colour and tastes a kind of creamy as well. Their deep fried thin noodles are called “Sara-udon“. Although it is called udon, the noodles are unlike standard udon. They are deep-fired and each udon is much thinner and very crispy. One portion of noddles is all tangled up and served with stir-fried vegetables, seafood and thinly sliced pork in a thickened soup with starch to go on top.

Ringer Hut restaurants are very conscious about food safety having used traceable products all made in Japan including noodles. Their prices are very reasonable and for those who think Japanese portions are too small, they offer x1.5 or x2.0 extra noodles for free for some menus (not all of them). For people who are on a low carb diet, you can order low carb noddles for Chanpon which is 30% low-carb and has eight times more fiber in noodles for just 100 yen extra (excl. tax).

If you have a quick but healthy and high quality meal in Japan during your busy schedule, why don’t you try Ringer Hut restaurants! You will not be disappointed but can enjoy a great and unique cuisine from Nagasaki.

Ringer Hut official site (automated translations only for English, Korean and Chinese): https://www.ringerhut.jp/
Chanpon munu: https://www.ringerhut.jp/menu/chanpon/
Saraudon menu: https://www.ringerhut.jp/menu/saraudon/

Ringer Hut has restaurants overseas.

Ringer Hut Ginza
Ringer Hut in Ginza looks a little different from their usual look as the restaurant tries to fit with the street image.

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