Privacy Policy – updated

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy? GDPR? What is going on around us? Will this be affected us in Japan? Those were our initial reactions.

We are based in Japan so we are not always familiar with the rules and regulations outside of Japan. However, since the latest update of wordpress, and we kept receiving the emails from all over the world notifying their Private Policy, etc., we finally learned the GDPR compliance is applicable to even us in Japan and absolutely necessary to follow.

Our instant thought was that we should stop providing our services to all European customers, however, we thought again as we have a number of regular customers in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and more.

We have therefore set up and rolled out our Privacy Policy for you to reference how we operate and how we would like to handle your important information. If you need further information or clarification from us, please feel free to contact us We shall inform all the updates in our Privacy Policy in this news blog and SNS from now on.

We will continuously try our best to deliver our very best OMOTENASHI to you from Japan!