A Block Memo turns into a famous architecture!


Isn’t it amazing if a block memo that we use day to day will transform into something valuable at the end of its intended use?

OMOSHIROI BLOCK is not just a very expensive blank paper cube but it will turn into an art as you use and you may want to keep the remaining in your display cabinet.

A Japanese design company, TRIAD Inc. based in Osaka, created this unique stationery. OMOSHIROI BLOCK swiftly became famous and popular via twitter.

From the famous historical buildings to a classic camera, these 3D die cut models are so real and detailed.These memo blocks are so popular that they get sold out as soon as refilled. So watch out if you are interested in getting one to impress your friends and guests.

Official website //www.triad-japan.com/en/access/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/triad_inc/

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/triad.japan/