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MARK-DOWN! Shiseido Diet Supplement for 30 days


Are you ready to be into Summer?  Skinny shirts, swim wear, short pant are expecting you to be worn again. Are you keeping your body just the same as last summer?   Don’t worry!! SHISEIDO HARAHACHI helps you to save eating a lot. We marked-down for this magnificent supplement for you in limited term. Just take 2 tablets anytime in a day for 30 days and know much about its power! Visit product page and check the product description right now!! Shiseido Harahachi Shukan Diet Supplement for 30 days *Special sale will be closed on June 30th.      

No more than water, but gift from the god


  Do you know the specialty foods of Kyoto? Tofu, yuba, sake, pickles, matcha, wagashi (artistic sweets), etc… Can you imagine what is the most important material for them? Yes, it’s water! There are so many active wells which have good quality water in Kyoto. I have ever been water spots a lot in Kyoto, but I think the spring water at Kamenoi in Matsuo Taisha Shrine is the best and really amazing! It is fresh, mild, magically sweet and very tasty. I understand why Matsuo Taisha is so-called “The Shrine of Sake”. This water must be the gift from the god!   Please visit there carrying empty bottle when you are […]