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Suimaseeen!   is one of the most frequently used Japanese. “Sumimasen” usually means “I am sorry.” when you apologise casually but “Sumimaseeen” with the last syllable stretched means more like “Hello! Someone there for me?” or “Excuse me, please.”. You could say this phrase when you require an attention from somebody when you walk in a shop but there is nobody there, when you stop someone to press shutter for you, or ask directions, or some situation like that. The proper way to say is “Su-mi-ma-sen” but usually the first “m” is abbreviated. If you stretch “sen” like “seeeen”, it can be used when you draw attention from somebody a […]

Shopping cart failure

We deeply apologise that our shopping cart does not work properly unless you logged in on certain browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Puffin, Google (on smartphones/tablets). If you could log in after registering your email and password, it should work properly. We have been working hard to solve this issue but in the meantime please bear with us until we sort this out.

Shopping basket on smart phones

We apologize that the shopping basket on smart phone devises does not show correctly at the moment. Even if you place some items into a basket, this does not reflect in the basket ( “Your basket is currently empty.” message to be shown) unless you logged in. We are currently working to repair this so please kindly bear with us until the repair is completed. Thank you for your kind understanding.