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MARK-DOWN! Shiseido Diet Supplement for 30 days


Are you ready to be into Summer?  Skinny shirts, swim wear, short pant are expecting you to be worn again. Are you keeping your body just the same as last summer?   Don’t worry!! SHISEIDO HARAHACHI helps you to save eating a lot. We marked-down for this magnificent supplement for you in limited term. Just take 2 tablets anytime in a day for 30 days and know much about its power! Visit product page and check the product description right now!! Shiseido Harahachi Shukan Diet Supplement for 30 days *Special sale will be closed on June 30th.      

Golden Week In JAPAN


GOLDEN WEEK IS COMING SOON! Please note that we will not ship anything from 2nd May to 6th May as all post offices are closed for the national holidays in Japan. This holiday week is called GOLDEN WEEK in Japan. GOLDEN WEEK 2015 April 29 – The Day of Showa (ex Emperor’s Birthday) May 3 – Constitution Memorial Day May 4 – Green Day (Not a celebration for musical band!) May 5 – The Boys Festival May 6 – Substitute public holiday If you will place order during this term, we will ship out after 7th May.   Thank you for your kind attention!!

ROIHI is my essential tool


Just added ROIHI TSUBOKO 156pcs. Small thermal sensing anti-inflammatory adhesive tapes I am a heavy user of ROIHI for years. If you have shoulder stiffness for desk work or PC operation, just try ROIHI once. It is getting popular among the tourists from overseas, especially Asian people who knows the importance of pressure points on their body.